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March 27, 2001~
The word for the day is focus - feel like I've gotten some back.
Got the OK to go to school during a couple of hours during the day from my boss, that is very cool. I can double up on the classes I need and be done that much sooner. Excellent news. I really missed not having class last Saturday, am looking forward to this week very much.
Went to No Frills Karaoke last night with Brock, KT and Megan. Very, very fun. There is no hipper karaoke place than No Frills.
Brocks birthday is coming up in 2 days, I have one thing for him but I need to pick up something else. I have a couple of things in mind, but nothing concrete. I have no plans tonight, I vow here and now to do my room, I promise!
Phrase for the day: I am a closet Equal eater (thanks, KT)
Trivial moment of the day: I need to get a tattoo, soon.


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