Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Listening to: Sweet Child o' mine...
Eating : Tootsie Rolls
Craving: Dinner
Drinking: the LAST soda

I got more..hold on..

eatApillow: whats up
DanelleOShea: can i appear invisible to someone on aim?
DanelleOShea: how do you do that?
eatApillow: block them.
eatApillow: they cant see you and you cant see them.
DanelleOShea: doesnt that tell them they're blocked?
eatApillow: no
DanelleOShea: ok
eatApillow: they just think your never online and the same.
DanelleOShea: well in yahoo it does
eatApillow: yeaqh i know
eatApillow: but is this YAHOO?
DanelleOShea: no idiot
DanelleOShea: you're stoopid
eatApillow: im not eating any candy after tonight
eatApillow: until after christmas
DanelleOShea: why
eatApillow: promise me you wont let me
eatApillow: im gonna get so fat
eatApillow: ive eaten far too much candy
eatApillow: in my life span
DanelleOShea: have you?
DanelleOShea: candy is so yummy tho
eatApillow: yes dude
eatApillow: nonononono
eatApillow: its bad
eatApillow: i can start eating candy on new years day when i quit smoking.
DanelleOShea: ok

That's me and kt. Too.damn.funny.


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