Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Oh, I've wanted to blog all night, but I just couldnt.

It's too hot to blog, we are zombies baking in the desert. By 10am we are so hot, and our energy is already zapped. The heat makes you weary, grouchy, irritable and sometimes unreasonable. Then you take a shower before bed and you feel like a whole new person...and you get up and do it all again tomorrow. Days blend into each other and it's an effort just to get shit done.

We had such a crazy busy day today. Found a washer and dryer for $75. From right down the street about 4 houses, at a yard sale. We bought them and then came back after dinner and retrieved them. Set up - soon. Also did arc, and the laundromat. And two trips to the grocery store.

Also bought a tall black nice bookshelf for $7. And..what else. Oh! A tv for daniel AND a vcr that work great. For $30. He's gonna be so happy about that. School starts so soon, I want him to have a nice room by then. Im really getting impatient at how not put together the house is.

So Denny said "What's up with Danelle's name,anyway.." So..from what I understand my mom wouldnt name me..for some reason..(that changes depending on the telling..).
So my dad picked my name out of the obituaries. I think both first and middle names..I dunno, like I said the story changes depending on who you ask. Maybe my sister will be brave and verify on the board over there.


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