Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Greetings -
The word for the day is Celebrate!
It's Brock's birthday, fun. Have been looking forward to it more than him i think. Lots of fun stuff planned..but dunno what.... (lol)
We're staying in tonight, and going out tomorrow. Got him some cool stuff I think he'll like.
Kt finally made another webpage, Im so happy. She's really good at that stuff, and it's already hilarious.
Hmm..I think i need two blogs. I need a private one too, somewhere to vent stuff i dont want the world seeing. Something to think about, anyway. My mind is wandering, I cant concentrate. more later.
Phrase for the day: Oh, my goodness! (thanks, Emma)
Trivial moment of the day: nothing feels trivial about today....


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