Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


What is wrong with me? Snap out of it, dammit. This is not the right thing for me. There is someone out there that is for me. Someone that will do nice things for me, leave me a note on my car cos he was in the neighborhood, cook dinner for me sometimes, call me just cos he wanted to hear my voice. Where is he? Is he wondering the same of me? I've got to get my mind and my shit together. My bedroom is a mess, and its really starting to get to me. But everynight I just sit at my pc and let it get messier. I can't find anything. pantyhose, shoes, clothes. Everything is lost. I need to regroup.

The kids went to school today. I hope it's ok for them. I hope Daniel has a good year. I want him to make some friends, have some fun and maybe even learn something. He needs some friends.

I'm at work, so I better get working.

No presence, I think it was an all nighter. That fucking sucks.


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