Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


He: whatcha doin tonight?
Danelle: just slummin
He:may i join you? i'm just alone in an iowa hotel for the week
Danelle: oh bummer-but you're bored outta yer mind, or you wouldnt be messaging me
He: that's not correct dear
Danelle: lol - ooh yes it're laffing
He: laffing-but not that loud dear
Danelle: well im jamming some music, and drinking coffee
He:but can you believe i brought my cam with me to get into trouble with??
Danelle: oh, are too hooked on that damn thing
He:i have a new game and my sex drive goes to hell when i'm playing it
Danelle: and whats that?
He: yeah-call me a geek, but..finally playing Baldur's Gate
Danelle: and that is...?
He: fantasy role playing game based on AD&D rules - just me against the machine
Danelle: and so why'd you bring the cam..if you're into something different?
Danelle: oh god i am too sober* for this conversation
He:because i have a kickass desktop at home and a shitty laptop from work-the 3d game is slow on here and too big for the hard drive
He:so how's the new job working out?
Danelle: i like my job a lot...
Danelle: good what time is it there? Nearly 12?
He:nearly-after my 2 hour drive - in the dark from the airport
Danelle: well, that doesnt sound fun at all
Danelle: damn i cant get into mIRC to save my life tonight
He: an mIRC denizen-oh my
He: and what a true geek you are-that got old to me as will cams and games and all else
Danelle: but my particular has no one in it..which is impossible, there's always someone in it...and everyone has mentioned how hard it has been to get in lately
He:interesting then-maybe just a terrorist plot
Danelle: yea..maybe..
Danelle: its a knife collectors room, never know
He: hmmm-i'm thinking of jumping over to netmeeting to get my thrills-whaddaya think?
Danelle: oh, none for me thanks...
He: what else turned you off of the cam??
Danelle: its just blech
He: yeah-we just don't have the bandwidth yet
Danelle: or the sex appeal
Danelle: no offense, just in general
He: i guess i don't get many offers so i'm still looking for the perfect cam
He: no offense taken
Danelle: i just picture cam folks sitting in a toilet stall jacking off to Hustler..
Danelle: it's creepy
He:what's wrong with that when you are on a long business trip huh?
Danelle: nothing at takes all kinds, I always say
Danelle: I would hate the world if we were all the same
He:i at least jerk off in the bed hehehehehe
He:it's a great relaxer, and i can't sleep the first night of a trip so it may happen
Danelle: see, we all have our vices
He: i wouldn't call self love a vice when you are away from your wife
Danelle: no probably not..would she?
Danelle: what does *she* say about it
He:nahhhhh-i've showed her the pics i'm jerking off to on the internet before
He:she's pretty cool about it
Danelle: she'd have to be
He:why's that??
Danelle: cause you like it so much, you'd be sneaking around all the time if she wasn't cool about it
He:me sneak? nahh too open and honest-besides-guys will rub their dicks
He:no bones about it


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