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Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Omg what is with these BF people? $300? This is insane. I don't even know what to say. I am speechless. I am without speech. Of speech, I have none.

Katie and I were laffing so hard about inappropriate wavs. When I first started playing around with wavs I had no idea what I was doing. Now I am a connoisseur of fine wavs. My machine is honed to a beautiful hum of perfect sounds. All very original, and some are hard to come by. A lot of hours of messing around have gone into these great wavs.

But in the beginning - good lord. I would find the most annoying sounds and put them on really common menu pulldown was some long annoying beeping sound. And none of the sounds were funny or fun...just totally annoying. Katie and I were listening to wavs tonight, and we were remembering all the horrible wavs we used to have..and when we remember having them. "Oh, we had that on the computer right when you and dad were getting divorced" "Oh, we had that right when we moved in here". I have a couple that are a little creepy...those are fun. Good times.

Wonderful quotes taken out of context:
"If B1 is not lit then telephone 1 cannot light up green.
Because our router does that or something. "
God I love Kt's logic.

I did another test:
What's Your Theme Song?
Danelle, your theme song is Walking On Sunshine!

You have got to be shitting me.
YeK3: i8apuc

Wow...remember those books? Who remembers?

Oh god I have to write about court. 330% increase in support from 140 to 605 a month. Back arrears paid to me......1396.25
"Feeling stronger every day"....

Here is a conversation from an person - a man, no less. Blank spots are where there was more conversation - but I cant post it.
My comments are in Greeem (as Emma would say)

Star: i can think of little else except know.. and its late
K: You know, I read volumes of things you didn't say, between the lines that you did say. Tell me about him.

*Good freaking God. Where *are* these men that can talk to us like this?

K: I can't understand why he hasn't grabbed you up.
Star: its something i need to stop...but..*sigh
K: What the hell is he waiting for? A Host of Angels?
K: You've told him how you feel.

Star: pretty much, and it's worrisome
Star: i try to tell myself its less than it is...
K: It worries him? Worries him how?
Star: he thinks if i cant get over it we shouldnt be friends

K: May I be brutally honest?

K: Why do you love him?

**Good, Lord..I should be paying for this

K: Yes, fools often miss what's right in front of them while they're looking high and low.
K: the biggest failing of the Internet is that it won't transmit hugs.

K: Ever kick him in the nuts?

Star: lol no...
K: :- ) Think about it, he's begging for it.
Star: he isnt
K: Okay, the first rule of relationships, is that you can NEVER change the other person.
Star: then things give me hope
K: Give you hope or string you along?

Star: i dunno - but it does give me hope

Star: he says his mind is not completely closed to it

Star: but that he just has to investigate this feeling
Star: god i know this sounds shallow
K: Does it sound shallow to you, or are you imagining how it sounds to me? 'Cause I'm not judging.
Star: i know he's being shallow -
Star: and i think its ignorance, not concious
Star: thats why he would not be friends even if he knew how bad it was
K: No, I don't think it's concious either.
K: But that doesn't change the facts of the actions.
Star: So many of my friends tell me he's bad kids love him tho
K: I don't know if you need to be "away from him"
I know precious little about the situation and wouldn't presume to tell you that.
I do think you need to re-align your feelings towards things (if that's possible)

K: Let me tell you my theory of Capitalist Friendship.

**This part gets *really* good...

K: All Relationships are like Ledger Books.
We have to balance the books all the time.
Sometimes, those books run into the red, and the relationship costs more than it's worth.
Sometimes, they run in the black and are very profitable to you. They pay dividends beyond your wildest expectations.
Sometimes, we have to look at the books and admit to ourselves that they're in the red and going to stay there forever.
At that point, we have to decide whether we're going to close that account or not.
K: Either way, we have to take people as they are.
I have some friends who will never be "in the black" in that book.
But that's okay, because it's only a minor investment on my part, and I can afford it. It doesn't pay off, but I get a measure of enjoyment or happiness out of it anyway.
Those I keep.
Some are just too damned expensive though. They cost dearly and there is no payoff. Only more "cost."
Those books have to be closed.

Star: ive weighed it...the risk vs the reward
K: You're running in the red. You always have been.

Star: and most of the seems worth it..
Star: as bad as it is
Star: i know you are right tho
K: Read what you just wrote.

Star: yea, yea
K: as bad as it is.

K: Your Soul Mate is out there though. You are a beautiful and vibrant woman. There is a man out there looking for you.

Star: i used to believe that
K: Why did you stop?
Star: and if i am forced to press on...and turn away...there will never be anything like it
K: Define "Love" for me please.

**Yes, this *is* a real person

Star: i dunno, an overwhelming craving to be around, think about, be with this person
Star: to want everything they love their good, and live with their bad
K: I'm sorry, you must have misunderstood me. You defined Infatuation, not Love.
Star: someone that makes you feel happy - all the time
Star: just to be "one" with someone - to feel so completely connected
K: Infatuation is when being with someone makes you happy. Love is when being happy depends on the other person's happiness.
The incredible desire to make another person happy, to make them feel good, and the pain you feel when they are not happy. That's Love.

K: You don't have to answer me.

K: Just think about it.
Star: yea i know

Star: im so sorry to be such a wet blanket and drop all this in your lap
K: I wish there was something I could do other than give you something to read.
I can't find the answers for you, I can't tell you what to do or how to do it, I can only tell you this.

If what you're doing doesn't work, change what you're doing.

I know!, I know!


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