Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


No, its not CPD.

Ls: thats why i dont give anyone my phone number
DanelleOShea: you gave it to me
Ls: you just never know what these people are really like, and how much of a stalker they will turn out to be
Ls: yeah, but you are different
Ls: you're.....special
DanelleOShea: short bus different?
DanelleOShea: short bus SPECIAL?
Ls: lol, no
Ls: you know what i mean
DanelleOShea: and I special
DanelleOShea: (this should be good)
Ls: i like you
Ls: i like your personality, your humor
Ls: your view on life and what really matters, and should be worried about, that stuff
DanelleOShea: ooh, you are so know how i feel about you too
DanelleOShea: i have so much affection for you
DanelleOShea: if we lived closer, i might have trouble not chasing you a little
Ls: awh, you're making me blush
DanelleOShea: ditto
Ls: if we lived closer i wouldnt work for the government and you wouldnt have to chase me
DanelleOShea: oooh, that gave me butterflies
Ls: yeah, we definately need to hook up for a drink or something at blade
DanelleOShea: at least
DanelleOShea: I sincerely hope we get some time alone..not erotically, you know what I mean. I really want to be able to get to know you.
Ls: i know
Ls: and i hope so too, even if its just sitting in the hotel lobby after the show for a few hours
DanelleOShea: yup
DanelleOShea: (cheap ass)

**I would have trouble not chasing him. I already do!


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