Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Lots of fun stuff going on. Emma's birthday party is this Sunday. I can't wait! I hope a lot of people come. Talked to her mom briefly last night, all seems calm there. Im so glad. We will likely never be "girlfriend" status..but I think that's ok with both of us. As long as we are more than civil and can hold some assemblance of friendliness, I think that's all that matters. You cannot imagine what a relief that is for me. Maybe her too.

Then there are other celebrations on the horizon too. Mark's bday is coming up, and I think I have that situation under wraps. Crossing my fingers about the whole thing. He visits here occasionally, so obviously I can't divulge what the actual present "is." Should be fun tho. And something he needs, too.

My birthday is hopefully going to go unnoticed. Ssh.


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