Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Pekingnese face - what are you looking for? Why do you visit here so many times a day? Are you hoping to find some secrets? Are you hoping to catch me with your husband? Why do you continually affirm yourself as a fool by messaging us as someone else..what d'ya say...'Carmen?'

Here's a clue for you. Get a life. Find something to do with your time. Put some makeup on. Get a hairstyle. Get a job. Help support your family. Quit bleeding your husband dry of monetary and emotional resources. Be a real mother. Pay attention to your husband instead of to me, and maybe he won't look elsewhere next time he feels trapped.

Maybe you should start your own blog, it's really quite cathartic. Or be really brave and write me an email and explain yourself..redeem yourself. Prove you are not as whacked out as we all think you are.

I really don't care that you spend a good amount of your day here at my blog. Whatever turns you on, as they say. I just don't understand why you find it so appealing. Living vicariously, perhaps?

I befriended you once, remember. You chewed that up and spit it out. So now I assume your motives are foul. How do you think I know how many times you've been here? How do you think we know you are 'Carmen?' You cannot be trusted, you are being treated like the psychopath you are, and you are being watched.

You are not normal.


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