Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


I did make it to the grocery store and the bank. Even did a load of laundry. Amazing. Gonna chillout here I suppose and then head over to Coles territory after while. He's leaving here soon to go work on a pc at his house. Not something I'm keen on being present for. It's not so bad when we're here and he's doing his own's my house..there's lots of things I can do. But at his house Im limited. No extra pc (plenty of those here), limited movie channels, no network tv, etc. etc.

Dreading going to work tomorrow, although whenever I'm there I don't mind it a bit. It's Board meeting week tho, that's always harried and busy. Also means a very late night on Thursday, that sucks butt. I'm thinking about starting to take the bus again..the drive is ok but the parking is really getting ridiculous. They closed down a big lot near us to make room for the Art Museum expansion, so now everyone is going to our little $4 lot. I've gotten there at 8:15 some mornings and it's already full. My hours are so wacky, taking the bus could really be a problem..but I'm still thinking about it.

Girls are calling for Daniel. Actually they are calling for "Dan". Apparently that's what he's going by. I remember I was so confused the first time a youngin called for him. "Is Dan there?" I'm thinking... "Hell no, fuck no...what would he be doing here?".. Then the immediate realization that Daniel is now going by "Dan". groan. He's so handsome, though...I hope he does get a girlfriend...eventually. The girls at work say "girl, you better watch that boy..he is cute!" I'm just thankful they don't look like pekingnese, like some kids I know. Botanic Gardens, anyone?

I've missed Casey today. Will have to play catch up tomorrow. Wonder if he had a "NeverRest" weekend. Gonna ask if I can post his's well written, and frequently updated. achtung, baby.


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