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Thanks, Sharon. Whew.

So, how weird is it to be having a pseudo conversation with someone through our blogs? I don't know how many daily readers she has (a huge amount, Im guessing) and I have about 30 or so a day (who are you?) So that means that at least 60 or so people are paging back and forth between our blogs seeing what the other is saying. That's fucked up. But hilarious too.

Here's something weird...
I have discovered since I have gotten to an age of understanding that my basic personality is that of a voyeur. This has been a revelation of huge proportion..because I see how much it totally defines who I am.

Evidence: Favorite tv shows: Survivor, The Mole (gone now), Fear Factor, Worlds Worst ______ (insert noun here - - drivers, criminals, vacations, jobs), World's Wildest Police Videos, Screen Savers, Cops, Weakest Link, Six Feet Under, Jerry Springer (well not really, I never get to see it but when I do, I love it). - All most every single show is reality based. And these are virtually the only shows I watch.

Most watched tv channels: TLC, Discovery, History, Tech TV, MSNBC, etc. - Reality. Information.

The Books I Read: Almost exclusively non-fiction. Biographies, True Crime, etc. books of late (within the last year) are Black Boy (autobiography), Fred and Rose (True Crime), Angela's Ashes (autobiography), The Ryan White Story (ditto), The Road to Wiggin Pier (yup)- I really have no taste for fiction. I read very, very little of it. Some, but not much.

Favorite electronic toy from my adulthood (also gone now): A Police Scanner. - This was entertainment to the nth degree sometimes. Last year I tried to get a job as a policee dispatcher, and came very close...but I couldn't pass the lie detector test. True story.

What do I do in my free time? Blog, read other blogs, look up interesting things from shows I've watched (usually from the discovery channel), search the internet for interesting pictures, peruse webcams, and read forums. Lots of forums. - Real people.

I think some of the greatest comedy is practical jokes, ala Jerky Boys, Roy D. Mercer..etc. If you haven't heard any, download a couple. Priceless. - Reality Comedy.

Nearly everything I choose to do in my free time, has to do with being a voyeur of some description. (markism?) Additionally, I can personally be quite nosy. And I have been known to gossip from time to time. lol

I have saturated my time with reality based choices to such a degree that I think I have become desensitized. Disturbing sites with pictures of violently killed dead people really don't bother me all that much. You can search for any damn thing you want to on the internet. Dead babies? Sure.. Car wrecks?..more than you can count. Suicides?..yup. A guy (alive) with his face missing and his eye hanging 3" from the socket from walking into the path of a subway?...Right this way. I've even watched "Faces of Death" (gasp.) Parts one and two.

Weird, huh.


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