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I don't blog at all for weeks, then all of the sudden I'm blogging all the time. It works that way sometimes. Go figure. I mean it, go!

So many decisions in the fire right now. Some good, some not so good. Some are not so good but will be very good down the road. Cryptic enough for you? The malcolms are hammering out final thoughts and it's really not very fun to witness. Especially since I've been knee deep in the muck myself, a couple of times. The bottom line is, no one wins, really. Some win now, some win later. No one is jumping up and down and yelling "yay!". There will be pipers to be paid. It's just not a pretty scene, and it is life changing for all, and that is scary as hell.

Had a fucked up day off yesterday, but it turned out ok. Kt and I thought we had our ducks in a row to go get her permit. This was try #4. She had had a ticket (not driving) that she neglected for a time, and it has come back to bite her in the butt, big time. Last time we were in the DMV they said ok, you're ticket is taken care of but now you have to have insurance. Well, I didn't *have* insurance at the time. Now I do. So we went back yesterday. "tada!" "INSURANCE!" The insurance has to be in Katie's name. "but she's covered on my policy...I asked my guy." "nope" In her name. Oh God! Just shoot me now. We waited at the freaking DMV for an hour and then get told to fuck off. I called my insurance agent and said "I need to add Katie for a month so she can get her permit". He said "you cant get insurance if you don't have a license...she's covered under you." Yea, I know...I explain further the wonderful policy of the DMV. He agrees to just fax me a proof of insurance with her name on it. Hallelujia. If it doesn't work this time, people are going to be mowed down postal style. Seriously.

Then went home and settled in to be bored outta my mind. Coles wanted company, so I went over there after watching Fear Factor, going to the store, picking up katie, and bringing groceries in. Then I got almost all the way to his house when I realized I had packed a sweater for work in the morning, but not a skirt. ACK!. I had to turn around, and didn't get there till 9:20. Ridiculous. I think they're coming over for white trash food this evening.

Ok, time to work.


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