Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Blah blah blah. Tore a contact yesterday, now my eyes are even more fucked up than usual.

I've been thinking about maybe looking for a new job. Im really very very irritated at driving and paying to park downtown. I went through the want-ads yesterday and didn't see much, but I am going to keep looking. I'd really like to find something close to home.

Things are going amazingly well. Very nice and even, close. Fun. Always the potential hammer looming overhead, but I think it's secure for now. Who knows.

Daniel is receiving tutoring 4 days a week, Im so happy about that. Katie is working hard, and Megan just got a job at Applebee's with her, very cool. Hopefully that will mean less running back and forth for me, I get so tired of that. Saturdays are the worst, she works a split shift, so it's back and forth, back and forth, all day. bleh.

I took Friday off, and Monday was a city holiday, so this is my first day back to work since Thursday. Gail is here, we are kind of just staying out of each other's hair and getting things done. I have a lot going on at work, so it's much easier if she just lets me be. Am I an idiot for wanting to look for something else? Is this as good as it gets?

I feel pukey (actually did pukey a couple of times this morning) so Im just trying to get through the day.


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