Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


My eyes are so fucked up. I need to see whats going on. Every morning they are so blurry. Is it my blood sugar? My vision? bleh. Im falling apart.

Last night was very interesting. A drive at 2am, (no, not me) then nothing else. Thinking, busy. I guess it's ok. I was surprisingly blah-zay about it. Weird tho. Let's go to bed. great. Oh, you're leaving? ok. later.

Makes me again very grateful to be among the well employed. I make great money and have 5 weeks vaca a year. Let's be happy to be on a payroll. I should have a review and hopefully a raise coming up very soon. If I get the max (shouldnt be a problem) that will put me at just around 34K a year. Doable, long as my taxes dont go nuts as a result. I have job security and my job is pretty damn fun. Can I ask for much more? I don't think so.


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