Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Ack, I have too many windows open.

Ok, let's see. What is going on. Everyone is still laid off, and that seems to be the big dark cloud over everything and everyone. I tried to mention it, but was rebuffed. Not much else to say about all of that. I feel like I'm skrimping by, but am grateful to be working anywhere at this point.

I have got to get over to fragmented's blog (left) and see what is going on. Last I knew she was just a day or two from moving. Wonder what's up with her crazy mom.

I'm reading Angela's Ashes. About 4 years behind everyone else. It's so good, I'm almost done and dreading the end. I've heard its sad, I can only imagine. Gail says I have to read the sequel right after I finish this one. I'm rationing the book. I always read less when I'm almost at the end, trying to stretch it out.

Katie said there was a woman in her restaurant the other night with Tourette's Syndrome. Said she kept screamin FIRE!!. And then apologizing to everyone. Another guy asked kt "Is she saying "Fire?!" kt says "Yea, she has Tourette's." The guy say's "Oh man, I heard her in the grocery store the other night!". Crazy!


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