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Whatever, just crash it Bob...


God, it's been way too long, I know. I haven't had a moment. Ok, Ive had a moment or two, but not really.

Had a few responses to my ad, but only one stood out, and he's still around. I took all my ads off, and am only talking to him, for now. The potential is just too great. we'll call him SPL. He's curious about the whole Mark deal, deservedly so. Can anyone ever fully understand and accept it? I defended my relationship to Mark with Brock, and it killed the Brock relationship eventually, even tho he said it wouldnt. SPL says it wouldnt either. Mark and I have talked ad nauseum about how our relationship affects our other relationships, and we are both just completely unwilling to make any concessions. There must be someone is the world that can accept it, along with neurotic me.

Tickets for Hotlanta are bought and paid for. FuckenA right.

Mark got laid off, so did Dy. Then so did Alan. Wtf? Mark has a good contingency plan, Dy may think about going back to MV if things get bad. I really really hope that doesnt happen.

Yesterday was Superbowl Sunday. Old Chicago. Maybe I will talk more about it later. It was odd.

Kt's situation will be fixed tomorrow afternoon.

Im so busy at work, but its good. I have very little time to do things Im not supposed to be

I will try to write more tonight, when the fog rolls in.


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