Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


The only person I am chatting to is Bob, from match. A great big loser. The conversation went from bad to fighting. I posted it all on my website.
It's Friday night.

I should fucking critique websites. People send me their links and immediately I start finding fault with it, and completely discounting their ideas. DM's for instance, is a full screen website. Dont you hate that? Everyone hates that. He doesn't care. He knows everyone hates it and he leaves it up anyway, cause he likes it.

And Bob's. Music starts playing when you open his page. I hate that. Gimme the option, wouldja? What if I'm at work? Christ.

We are having great fun at BF. Love, American Style.

The estimate on my car is around 600.00 HotfuckinAtlanta.

God, you do not want to know this: I lost my planner today. I know, don't even go there. And the answer to your next question..which is "how much...?"
A lot.


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