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Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Limewire, oh my god. Winmx was giving me fits, and it pisses me off that it doesn't run as good at home as it does at work. At zip no problem. At home, I consider myself lucky to get a partial song, much less a whole one. SO I downloaded Limewire. My pc pretty much came to a grinding halt, the thing wouldnt load properly, kept stalling on install (at the same place every time. ) Do you know how annoying that is? THen it finally got through it (I think) and I tried to fire it up. Stall..... my machine wouldn't even let me reboot. Zap.

On uninstall (Which is of course the next logical step), it would start the Install Wizard again, and stall in the same place. Infuriating.

Rob came over for a while today. That was hella fun, I love Rob. I just wish he wasn't so flaky. He's always blabbing on about "yea, let's go out..let's go play pool.." "Let's go Friday.." or whatever. But he never comes through. One night we had a definate time we were meeting and all, and he just blew me off. He *is* the man in shibby town, tho. You gotta put up with him, just cause of that. I don't believe half of what he's told me, he seems like such a show off and a liar, but probably just exaggerating. He's always talking about his time in Somalia. Charlie said he's got some wicked stories about it. I just think he's a wicked story teller. Maybe he was in the army, but he wasn't in Somalia.

We were all fogged in and talking about infomercials. Katie and I agreed that if we watch any for more than 5 minutues, we are convinced that we need the product, no matter what it is.

Had an ok conversation with Dan about Daniel coming up there this weekend. Dan wanted him to stay the whole weekend, but Daniel didn't want to. Weird. Dan was cool about it tho, which was nice.

Trillian needs to get their shit together.


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