Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


I'm going to post some other stuff later..but here's this. I thought it was funny. She's so... tight.

Danelle: im down loading your dumb sinatra
Amanda: yeah!
Danelle: he's stupid
Amanda: you're stupid
Danelle: why do you like it?
Amanda: it makes me dance around in my chair
Amanda: and snap my fingers
Danelle: dumb.
Amanda: i like songs that make you snap
Danelle: there's a lot of cool songs that make you snap
Danelle: not I did it myyyy waaayyyy
Amanda: I know
Amanda: i want "I get a kick out of Love"
Danelle: i get a kick out of you
Amanda: haha
Danelle: no, idiot. thats what its called
Amanda: damn it, I have to do my online classes over spring break, they don't "break"
Danelle: oh that sucks
Amanda: that's not fair
Danelle: waaaa
Amanda: whatever, this class is so hard
Danelle: what is it
Amanda: english, she gives us so much work
Danelle: oh. well she prolly thinks you're getting off easy cos its online
Danelle: just tell her f u
Danelle: lol
Amanda: hahahaha
Danelle: tell her you dont need english cos you arent going to england
Amanda: okay
Amanda: I want Drowning too
Danelle: im listening to I get a kick out of you
Danelle: im snappin
Amanda: you like it
Danelle: i get a ....kick...yes!
Danelle: boopee doo wop
Danelle: no i dont like it
Amanda: see, you just have to snap
Danelle: no, i just have to turn it off and put on some puddle of mudd
Danelle: "She f*ckin hates me!"
Amanda: mom, that's naughty
Danelle: naughty?
Danelle: im naughty? well i was quoting
Amanda: okay
Danelle: if you're quoting its ok
Amanda: yeah, I'm sure you're always quoting when you say that
Danelle: now im listening to "they cant take that away from me"
Danelle: its a snapper too
Danelle: makes me want a martini or something
Amanda: well I have to do my homework. you have to stop talking
Amanda: okay, i'll talk to you later
Amanda: okay?
Danelle: ssh. im done talking. love you
Amanda: haha love you, bye
Danelle: *wink
Amanda: *wink


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