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Gail's mom passed away Friday night, so now we are faced with another week Directorless. The first week was kind of laid back and breezy, now I am a little worried. She wants me to check her voice mail and start calling people back, etc. There are a lot of important things this week, DeeDee's letter, Development announcement, and Board packets. All three nearly equally as daunting. Time to get serious, I think.

Today is St. Patrick's Day. Whee.

Last night Mark and I were sitting around at 9pm, looking at what was on tv. We realized everything that was on TV was Irish related because of St Paddy's Day. Mark said.."we should have gone out for a beer, c'mon,,,let's go." Um..ok. We went to Sheabeen and had the best time. They had these two guys singing sing-a-long Irish and Scottish songs, and then around 11:30 p.m. The Michael Collins Pipe and Drum Band came in. Really cool. There were about 20 bagpipe players and a bunch of drummers. Very talented, very cool to watch.

The place was packed, so another couple invited us to sit down and oh man. They were complete psychos. Augustina and Phil. Not married yet Phil said. Eek. This woman was so..god I dont even know how to describe her. She was delusional, for the most part. She thought the guillotine was invented and used in Ireland. Then she went on and on about Holland. Im not sure what about. And the Blarney Stone. Good lord, she just didn't get it.. Phil was real blue collar, but surprisingly cultural adept. He knew alot about things that most Americans don't have a clue about. But man, that woman was a damn weirdo.

Guess that's it. Sunday-night-I-dont-wanna-go-to-work-tomorrow-mode.

Six Feet Under was awesome tonight.


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