Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


You do *not* want to get caught heading south on Dayton and hit the red light at Orchard. It is the longest red light in human history.

You can see the light from some distance away, and if it's green, you just just know. You are going to be it's victim today. It's gonna turn red just before you get to it and then you are trapped. Trapped in a time warp of eternal red-lightedness.
The timing is obviously off, they couldnt have possibly set it to be that long. but it's been like that forever. I keep thinking to myself that I am going to write a letter to whoever is reponsible but I never do. And I only think about it when I am sitting at the light, of course. It's the kind of red light where people who don't live around here wonder if the light is broken. They sit and wait, they wonder, and then they start inching out into the intersection. They are sure the light is broken, and that makes it ok to run a red light, as everyone knows.
But it seems just when you think this light couldn't be functioning properly, it changes. Today, I was just a few car lengths away from the light when it turned red. I couldn't believe my bad luck. It had been red a good few seconds, when a white truck came barreling through the red, heading north. The cars that had just started to head east or west on the green were honking like insane people. I know they wondering what the hell this guy could be thinking, running a blatant red like that. But me, I knew. He knows this light....


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