Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Oh man, and he thought it was his fault. Putting off the inevitable some more. I gotta write *something* back.

Things are really smooth and nice. Change is good.

I have to blog about Saturday night. I got an email from Michele asking us to come and play pool up north at Pinke's. Then we decide to do dinner at her house too..steaks on the grill and beer. Wonderful! Since we were gonna be out and about up north, I asked tj63 if he's come too, and he was of course non-committal. But he came and I was so happy! He stayed late and even went out to breakfast with us.
Pinke's was absolutely insane. There were 3 bands and they were all totally screaming metal maniacs. We were the only ones without surgical stainless steel in our faces. The songs were called "Fuck You" "Hate" and "Get The Fuck Out" name a few. At one point the lead singer pointed out his grandparents that were in the audience and they gave the Ozzy devil horn hand sign. Good god! You really hadda be there. I don't think we'll be going there again any time soon. And 3 bucks to get in, a dollar for a cue, and then 75 cents a game. Highway robbery.


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