Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


It's only 9:20 something and already Im having such a good day. I had a nice drive in, listening to New Found Glory and having not too much traffic problems.

Came in a little late, Gail is off site this morning doing who-knows-what. I walked in with Robert, the cute black guy from WHG. We have a mutual friend in common, Lloyd, from Auraria. I realized this morning that they live together, and I think that probably means....well, you know. That's cool tho. I always said I needed more black friends and more gay friends. Black and gay at the same time just makes it more consolidated. I really like him tho, he's clean cut, very well spoken and cute. I'd like to get to know him better. ANYway...

Then Dawn stopped by my desk. She's a cute little hispanic guard here. 30 years old, divorced. Every other word is "ways out" We could get in some serious trouble together..we've hinted at going out..but who knows. You know how that is.

Today is Board packet day. Someone just shoot me in the damn head.

Saturday is 4/20. Nuff said.


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