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Funny, and inane. My chats. What did I do before chatting? God, I remember being so addicted to chatting when I was home at night and Dan was working. Where was he working? RTD, I guess. God that job sucked. Sucking Bus fumes all night in a garage. ANYway, I digress. Chatting. I am so into it. It's just the greatest thing since sliced bread, so the saying goes. Just had this one with Casey. mwa.

Me: ooh, i just got undressed...and re dressed. Love that
Me: I have to dress up so damn nice every day.
Casey: yeah, me too. I wish I could wear jeans everyday
Me: fridays i dress down..jeans, polo, boots
Casey: *sigh*
Me: no?
Casey: nope. They only have jeans days here for the occasional fund raiser. Costs $3 to wear them one day
Me: Man, how do you keep from committing suicide.
Casey: it's not easy
Me: everything in your life would make me insane. No wonder you're on anti deps.
Me: I can say that and know you're laffing *with* me.
Casey: you're right
Me: did you like what i wrote about you?
Casey: yes, I did. Thanks,sweetie
Me: do you think it's true?
Casey: yeah, probably
Me: i dont think we'd ever even fool around, do you?
Casey: right ...might just once, but that would probably be it for that
Me: and why did we not talk to each opther for so long?
Me: what was THAT about
Casey: I *think* that was mainly when I first left my job at *** and was working at home all the time.
Me: yea, that was the catalyst i remember.
Me: but even then, I saw you on all the time. Well not all the time, but I did see you, but we just didn't talk
Casey: Fell out of habit probably. Nothing more than that
Me: I suppose. Now I cant imagine not talking to you tho
Casey: me, neither.

Is that the nicest?


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