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Whatever, just crash it Bob...


I took today off, the second in a series of comp days for the endless hours i put in at the booksale. Nice. I love having Monday's off. No real plans, I need to get to the bank and the store, that's about it. Laundry should be on the To Do list..but we'll see.

Emmas had a nice birthday I think. We went over to Terry's in the afternoon to fix a pc, and she had a lot of fun there, cause they have a tiny (8 weeks) baby. She had a meltdown when it was time to go. Surprise surprise. lol We gave her a few small presents and I made a cake that we let her decorate with icing in a tube. Lovely. She goes to her mom today, and will likley have another pseudo birthday. she'll be primo happy about that.

I IM'd my mom the other day. That was weird, but good. Nice little chat but then I had to go into a meeting, of course. I guess I should go see her. I miss my dad, but that conversation is harder to start. Why..I dunno. Just is. Why is my family so fucked up? Can't we all just get along?

I had a couple of new "Recommended" blogs I was gonna put over there....but they're only updating once a week, if that, so I changed my mind. I still have a couple more I'm considering..there's such good writing going on out there in blog world. Mostly I get turned on to good blogs from people that write me email after visiting here and include their own blog link. Real life is better than fiction, for sure.

We played Scrabble again last night. We've gotten i nthe habit of playing almost every single night now. Ticks me off th o, Mark always has some wonderful run of luck and wins head and shoulders above me. He has a knack for using all 7 letters and getting that bonus 50 points. When I used to play with my mom all the time, seems the winning was pretty even. Mark and I have been Scrabble for a couple of months now..and I have never won. Never! Infuriating. Yet I keep playing.


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