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Daniel's friends are scary.

Some people think Kt's friends are scary. Kt's friends are harmless. They just want to sit around and vegetate in front of the stereo or tv for hours on end. Daniel likes to go "out".
"I'm going out for a while"
"Where to?"
"Just out.".
It makes me wonder what they're up to. Are they getting in trouble? I once walked up on Daniel and his friend Frank, and they didn't know I was there. I wasn't hiding but they didn't know I was there for a minute. Frank was talking such trash, but not about anything in particular. They come to the door and Daniel leaves with them and I always hope they aren't doing stuff they're not supposed to be doing. They really are scary looking.

Reality check, please.

Tonight Daniel came in after being "out" and said "Those guys are such jerk offs. They're so stupid."
I said "What happened?"
"I dunno, they're just stupid.".
He's not telling me.
"well they must have done something".
"They just do stupid stuff." Arg.
Finally, he says again..
"They do the stupidest stuff"
I'm thinking...they're throwing rocks at cars. They're smoking pot. They're breaking into houses.
"Well, tell me what they did.."

"They like to knock on people's doors and run away."

I'm worried to death they are running from the cops every five minutes and in all reality they are playing Devil On The Doorstep.



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