Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


The pekingnese faced one has made a recent appearance.

She sent an offline IM to Mark as "Carmen"..asking for a chat, a hook up..whatever. It only took a quick IP search to figure this one out. We had a nice laugh over it. I have no idea what her motive is, apparently her life is still so empty that she needs to continue this nonsense. I thought she had mangey kids to homeschool, or take to the zoo, or the botanic gardens or some such shit. You know, in lieu of actual parenting. Someone should tap her on the shoulder and tell her how it really is. It's too bad that he is trapped in that lowly miserable existence. With a few minor adjustments and some re-training he really could have done much much better. I know why the caged bird sings..

Amazing how getting your own life leaves you with little time or inclination to meddle in other people's. She could always take up electrolysis. There'd be plenty of work for her right in her own backyard. Eek.

Long live the hairy anteater.


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