Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Last post 11:29 am. I was fried then. Now it's 9:51 pm.

Just got home from the author's event, it was actually pretty fun. I thought I was going to have to sit at the membership table all night, but then Gail asked me to take pictures so I was off the hook there. Thanks, Drew. I got to hang with the Webbs. That would be pretty cool if they weren't such assholes. Wilma Webb wears so much makeup that she looks like Michael Jackson. And snotty..but not as snotty as he is. He finally arrived to the event 10 minutes before it was over..stepped off the elevator and said "Well, Im here.." was still kind of cool. I got to escort Wilma around the building. Her makeup gets in the elevator before she does.

So now Im completely and totally beat, and I have at least 90 minutes worth of work ahead of me cropping and messing with these pictures, then posting them. Could I leave it till tomorrow? Most definately. But I'm gonna plug away.


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