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Wow, three days.

It was kind of a whirlwind weekend, and it hasn't quite slowed down since. The most important thing is that I found a house. Sheesh. It is perfect, too. It's in Arvada, the kids will be going to my alma matic (?) rival, Arvada West High School. weird. The more things change, the more they stay the same. I will tell you all about the house probably after Atlanta, (we leave Friday!) it seems like things are keeping me frantic, getting ready to go. I will only be gone 4 days, and might even have a chance to blog there. That'd be cool.

Mark bought two used cars this past weekend, to replace the Sebring. He bought a Nissan Pulsar something and a 1983 (?) Honda Civic with about a gazillion miles on it. Which according to the experts, means it's only nicely broken in. Both have some issues, but will be good tooling around cars till things are brighter and more "job-oreinted" for lack of a better word. I've been dealing with a local dealer myself, trying to get a decent car and a halfway decent interest rate with my sketchy credit. What they've offered so far isn't stellar, but may be as good as it gets. I'm certainly not laying down for this one, and the guy is working for this sale. He calls me at least once a day to see if Im ready to come look at cars. It's comical really, one of these days Im sure he's just gonna give up. Again, this is going to have to wait till after this mini-trip.

Tomorrow is the emergency "what do we do with the "Friends" meeting at work. A little nervous, but not too much. I just wish CLRA was not CL. I know that makes no sense exceept to me. Nuff said, anyway.

More tomorrow. promise.


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