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Ding Dong!

Just had dinner with Amanda, for my birthday. That was so cool! Drove all the way up to Northglenn to meet her, so she wouldnt have to drive too far. Fun. We went to the Texas Road House. Steak Heaven. It was a lot of fun, we laffed about Gramma Gigs so much. She is my step moms mother, and I guess she is just going over the deep end something fierce. She calls her daughter "mom" and freaks out about everything. She called their house the other night at 4 in the morning, cause she said something was wrong with her toilet, and wondered if she should put a sign on the door. Helloo? She lives My dad went over there the next day and found that the seat had just slipped off to one side a bit. That was the big emergency.

We also talked about my dog, who lives there now. Amanda lives with my dad, and when Dan and I got divorced, we were trying to find a home for Murphy. He'd been our dog for 7 years and we couldnt find anyone that we would trust with him. My dad finally stepped up and said he'd take him. I was so glad. So anyway, now Murphy is old, and mostly deaf. He has a little hedgehog animal that he will not let out of his sight, and Amanda said he has started licking himself all over his body constantly. He's 9 years old this year, and Pekingnese dont have as long of a life span as a lot of dogs, so he's probably not going to last much longer. Amanda was going to have a pampered chef party at the house, but I told her I wouldnt be able to go cause I didn't want to see Murphy. I'd love to see him, but I think it would just break my heart. I just want to remember him how he was, and not torture myself. I know he's in good hands there.

More house hunting coming up. Whee.


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