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I cannot believe this house hunting. It's absolutely insane.

I feel like I'm in a pageant, I swear to God. The competition is so fierce for these damn houses that you have to not only have your financial ducks in a row, you have to impress the landlords. Make myself memorable, but not annoying. I have looked at more than a couple of houses and have put in a few applications. One was offered tonight, but I'm really torn. I wanted the "Downing" one really bad, and have been waiting and wishing that a positive answer would come through. They've called twice wanting to verify information and said today that "you should hear from us tomorrow." So then Newland calls. Newland is a close second...but definately second. Bad news, they are going on vacation for 2 weeks and want an answer tonight. I cant give them an answer tonight. I have to see what happens with Downing. Then what if I get neither? I will be so bummed out. I will be back at square one with nothing in the wings, and the clock ticking.

I got a credit report and started making calls about collection items that were on there, trying to get everything paid and cleared up. There wasn't anything insanely hideous, just a couple of bad checks that went to collection. A hassle but not overly numbing. A settlement here, a charge-off there. (E-I-E-I-O) Some of the identifying companies that it says I owe money are so coded and obscure that I can't even figure out who it is. A C B - $50. Hmm. No idea. This is turning into much more of a hassle than it is almost worth. 7 years actually goes by pretty fast, doesn't it?

I have a lot more I wanted to blog, but Im just feeling comatose. I need some food. Yea.


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