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Something really strange is going on at work, Im not sure what. Next week's Board meeting has been cancelled, which has never happened before..and they have scheduled an emergency meeting of the Executive Session for the following Wednesday. I have no idea what is going on. I asked Gail if we should be worried, she said "No, I dont think so." What the hell does that mean? There is a lot of dissention right now between the Friends and Library and I cannot imagine what this is all about. Gail says I definately have to be there. The new meeting is two days before Atlanta. groan. Cross your fingers.

What a great night we had last night. Watched the finale of the Amazing Race, and were very happy when Chris and Alex won. We were all secretly rooting for Tara and Will I think, they'd gone through such hell to do this. was cool nonetheless.

Ceiling time till 3 am. Very very nice. I feel incredibly happy, lucky, excited, and motivated. Actually I feel tired! But it's a good tired, cause it was totally worth staying up for. He makes me feel so incredibly valued and cherished. Foreign feelings that I am loving getting used to.

Started on the Adipex today. Can't tell anything yet..maybe a tiny bit speedy, but not too much. It might not have much effect today, since I've only had just a little over two hours sleep. Mark was still wired when I went to bed at 3 so he decided to stay up for a while, and when the alarm went off this morning, he was still up! Goofball.

Good weekend ahead. Anne is having a party that I think is going to be really fun, and more house hunting I think. Lunch with my mom, too. I just want to get that over with.


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