Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


They are everywhere. The Rocky Mtn News says:

"The annual invasion of the miller moths started a few weeks early this year because of warm, dry weather in the plains.

The pesky but harmless moths normally arrive on the Front Range in early June on their way to nectar-rich flowers in the mountains.

Because the moths have waxy body scales that pesticides don't penetrate, swatting and vacuuming are the recommended household control techniques, said Carl Wilson, extension horticulturist at the Colorado State University Cooperative Extension in Denver. "

In other words, you cant get rid of them. God, they are disgusting. And they are seriously everywhere. There are at least one or two on every single window at the library. They are all over my house. They are in my car, trying to get me to wreck. I went into the ladies room here at the library and shut the door and two of them started flying around. Fuckers.

They're dusty, quick and crafty. Study this face and promise to kill all of them that cross your path. It's our only hope.


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