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Whatever, just crash it Bob...


My Doctor is a total bumbler.

I went to the Dr. on Friday, to get some routine bloodwork done (Im diabetic, did you know that?) and to get back on Adipex so I can lose some more weight. I swear, he cracks me up. He doesn't know anything about medications, he has this book that he keeps in his white coat pocket that has all the drug stuff in it. I ask him about the differences between two drugs, and he has no idea. I told him I was on Adipex before, he asked me what strength...I didn't know - I said "I think 15 mg". He just wrote the prescription up for whatever I say. He drops things, and is totally confused most of the time. He's totally ok as a physician, but I don't want him doing any surgery on me or anything, thank you very much.


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