Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


I feel like all I am focusing on is a house. Where is the house? Is there a house here? Is this the house? bleh!

Looked at a few more th is weekend. I liked a couple of them, but got a bad vibe from one guy. Asked him when he was looking to have someone move in by and he said "Whenever I find someone Im comfortable with". okkaayy.. so if he was comfortable with me he probably would have said something, yes? Another one in Northglenn was AbFab. Just put in an application for that one today, along with a little note extoling the virtues of "me!" lol. We'll see. I just want to find something!

Mother's Day turned out pretty good. Nothing wonderful or terrible. Daniel straightened his ass up finally and got ungrounded. I got him a book from the library that I thought he'd like and he loves it. Then he went and left it at his Dad's after the weekend. He was SO disappointed! I found another copy today and checked it out. lol - he'll be so happy.

I gotta work. Or sleep. Or something.


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