Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Im having a great weekend so far, which is odd because I am flat busted broke.

I went and looked at a house today...that I really liked. I have a bad feeling about it tho..the guy wants someone in June 1, and Im not moving until July 1. Well, they'll be other houses tho. This one was nice tho. Bleh.

I met Amanda for lunch..that was so fun! I got brought up to date on all the church doings and what the "guys" have been up to. Phil just graduated from Automotive College, Rachel is dating a vegan, Brandon is still with Janelle, who everyone despises, and Mike A is getting married in Iowa soon. See, all caught up. Amanda looked really cute and too thin. Im so proud of her. She's getting ready to move into her own place around the same time I'll be moving. I hope she has enough money to get by. *sigh.

Her and Justin have set a wedding date...July 26, 2003. Not sure what I'll be able to contribute...hopefully time and energy, cause I doubt if I'll have anything else to help out. They figure it will cost 8-10K. Sheesh. I think next time it's my turn (ever??) I will go through the drive through in Vegas. Yee ha. We decided we need to see each other more we're gonna meet once a month for lunch. We went downtown for Mongolian Barbeque. Mmm...Took Emma with me, then to Aspen Park to pick up Daniel from Dan. Left Mark alone for the day to work on Daniel's pc...which is totally fixed now. whee.

Hanging out at the Coles camp tonight..for some reason my mother's day present warrants that I not be home Im told. Maybe they're cleaning. That'd be cool.

Looking at two more houses tomorrow, and making some yummy dinner I think.

Life is good.


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