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It's funny what brings some people together and keeps them together.

Most of the people I know "match" together. They are equally as attractive, outgoing..whatever But once in a while you come across a couple that seems so mismatched, you wonder "what the hell...."

I don't want to name anyone specifically..but there's someone that I know only through the internet that is very very good looking. And his wife..well, isn't. I know beauty is only skin deep, and love should be over and above what we look like..but is it really? (oh wow, that was so Carrie Bradshaw-ish)

I got heavy when I was married...because I was really really unhappy. I lost a lot of weight as soon as Dan left..some of it because I was depressed and some of it just kinda came off...I look better now than I did at any point in my marriage. I just went back on Adipex too, so am expecting to be even slimmer soon. Yay.

Why is this a topic in my brain today? I dunno. I guess I've always thought that this internet person's wife would be equally as attractive as he is..and then I see that she's well...I repeat...not. S' too bad. He's incredibly sexy. I look at the pictures and think "ooh, she's really unhappy..and he is bumming!" That's me being unduly judgemental and pious. Admittedly so. He probably loves her with all his heart and soul. But damn, he could do better.

And why do I care that he is an 8 and his wife is a 3? I really don't. It's just weird.


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