Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Ooh, vivor was good! Bye bye Sean. God I wish it would have been Neleh. I am so sick of her. Who will win? Im going to predict that it will be Paschal. One more episode!

Mark is out driving with Katie right now. Katie's driving, that is. Whee. I cant really let her drive my car, it has so many things wrong with it that it takes 30 mins of explanation before anyone can get behind the wheel.

"You cant let it idle for more than a few minutes or the temperature gauge will go into the red."
"You cant take off quickly from a red light or stop sign or it will die."
"That noise is the hole in the exhaust"
"That smell is from the hole in the exhaust."
"It takes you quite a few minuutes to get to top speed because the fuel injectors are operating at 30% capacity."

Seriously. Someone please send me a car.


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