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(Edit - This turned into a really long blog..)

Tonight has been so weird and so fun. Katie was here when I got home from the laundromat. That was fun. She got me a cool refridge magnet and some wood windchimes that are awesome. We hung them outside already. While me Daniel and Emma were at the laundromat we walked over to Walgreens and bought a bunch of crap. I got Daniel some snacks for camping this weekend, and Emma some licorice. Daniel also bought one of those wooden paddles with the red rubber ball attached and he got really good at it. He was totally smitten with the damn thing, then he was screwing around in the backyard and threw it up in the air and it got stuck in the tree. He got it down but the string broke, and left the ball in the tree. He was so disappointed that we got in the car, drove to Walgreens and went and got another one. lol. I felt bad and wanted him to have it this weekend at camping, he'd pass a lot of time with it. He got so engrossed and so good at it. Actually he bought *two* more at Walgreens, in case one breaks again, that's how fanatical he is about it.

He said on the way home.." Dad would have never done this..seen a toy broke and turned around and went right back to the store. He'd just be like "too bad."" I said "Can you see why we didn't get along?" He said yes, and Dad always said I was too lenient, and that that really wasn't it, and we agreed I was just a little "looser" than Dan. I like doing nice things for him when he's been decent, and he's been not too bad lately.

Emma is a 40 year old trapped in a 4 year old's body. While we were at the laundromat, she wanted to play a big video game. I told her no, cause it was too hard. She said

"and it has ominous creatures in it".

Daniel and I looked at each other and dropped our jaw. Daniel's like "I barely know what that word means!" He said "She's gonna be somekind of fancy talker when she grows up." Fancy talker. lol

Ok this is fucked up. I'm sitting here blogging and Mark's cell phone rings on the desk. I look at it and it says "home". I answer and it's Mark. From the basement. He's calling me cause I'm not on trillian so he cant message me, and he wants to ask me if I think the upstairs living room tv is too loud, and could I ask someone to turn it down. I feel like I have to lock the door to get just a few minutes of "me" time, but that would really seem rude, I think.

While we were driving around tonight Daniel said "Your car sounds like a bus. Here we come in our bus..!" We both started busting up laffing so hard. I said I thought it sounded like a muscle car, which I then had to explain to him.

I'm taking a long weekend (4 days) around the 1st of August. We're going to Six Flags..whee. I thought I had maybe 32 hours of vaca time, then I asked and I have 56! wtf! I just took 3 days off at the beginning of July! I was still burning comp days from April's book sale tho. Madness. I am getting increasing excited about the next one, next weekend. The book sale is I am in charge of all the advertising, classifieds, print ads, radio anything and everything to do with teachers that come to the sale. Gift certificates, coupons, notifiying teachers (not so easy on summer break) - a special teachers only "hour" etc...etc.. Anne is really starting to have a meltdown and Jessica and I are kind of lurking around picking up loose ends behind her. It all always comes together at the end, but it's really painful getting there. I can't wait to blog during the sale, everything always get's so insane. I will post a jpg of the poster Anne and I designed that we are using for all the print ads. It's fabulous.

This town is getting weirder and weirder. It's so glaringly white.


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