Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


It's Thursday. The book sale starts tonight. It's a members only preview party, where Friends members can come and buy books and drink booze. What a combo. they'll wake up tomorrow "what the fuck did I buy 'Cooking with Helen McCully Beside You' for?"

The tents are up, everything seems ok outside. I had to come in and do some teacher gift certificate stuff, and return phone calls. "Can I bring my 2 year old to the preview party?" (Sure, do they like Budweiser?) "I was wondering why I didn't get an inviation to the preview party?" (you havent been a member since 96) "Do you have the book Colorado Home Cooking"? (There's 300,000 books out there, all're lucky they're in sections.

Im gonna go back outside. Wish I was happier, but am harboring ill feelings about unrelated stuff. That's never good.

Kim, Dy and Trent signed the guestmap. Thanks guys!


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