Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Oh, I want to blog, but I am so tired. so so tired. 11.5 hours day today. 14 hours yesterday. In the sun. Outside. with the general public, And with volunteers. we schedule 470 volunteers for this event. 3 hour shifts. Some volunteers work more than one shift, so we actually schedule about 430 people. My main duties for the sale are:
1. Teachers (they get special discounts, special shopping hours, and some have gift certificates from their schools. All teacher transactions are a problem.)
2. Community Service workers. We have several guys that want to get 40 hours of community service done in a weekend, and it's possible with the booksale. Big, strapping,hardworking guys. Love em.
3. Publicity. News cameras show up. Who will go on live tv? (not me..I always pawn it off on Gail.)
4. Volunteers. God, the most fun, interesting, hilarious pains in the asses you've ever seen. They bitch and moan about everything, they request assignments that are too difficult for them and then they cant do it. We have one lady..Virginia...every year she wants to be a cashier. The cashier lines get 60 people deep sometimes..and she is slower than shit. But she loves it, she will only cashier. She has ill fitting dentures, a host of digestive problems, but by god she loves the library. One lady said "the y ear you dont see me volunteering for the booksale is the year I've died. She's done it for 20 something years!

So Ive worked 25 hours in 2 days so far. I've bought no books. I havent even looked at any books.

And if I hear "scuse me, are you in charge?" one more time, I'm gonna lose it.


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