Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


A good end to a good day.

A wonderful dinner that garnered rave reviews and a few leftovers so I don't have to buy lunch tomorrow. Emma went to bed sweetly, and instead of crying about it in her bed, got up quietly and said she had to go to the bathroom. She had a great evening with Kt and Cha-lie. She initiated another conversation about marriage, too...

"Who am I going to marry?"
"Who do you want to marry?"
"I dont know. Maybe Cha-lie. Why did my mom marry my dad?"
"Cause they wanted to get married, and live together."
"Well who is my mom gonna marry now?"
"I dont know."
"Maybe she can marry Cha-lie too."

Daniel pipes in:

"Who is Nell gonna marry?" (thank you, Daniel - gr)
"She's already married to my dad!"
Me: "Hey, who wants ice cream!"

So coffee and ice cream, Emma to bed..then nuzzling while watching Sex and the City. Life is good.

Tomorrow might be interesting. Everyone trying to get back on track after the conch has been lost. Friday was shell-shock day, now the regular work sits waiting. Am fighting the urge to slink in late.


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