Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Mark just left to go get the midget. He told Katie on his way out that he hoped she had a good nights sleep, cause she wasn't going to get a nap today.

Emma loves Katie. Follows her around like a lost puppy. And if Katie should happen to tell Emma that she needs some private time, you'd have think someone just told Emma that the world is now cookie-less. At any time of day you can find Emma wherever Katie is. On the couch, at the kitchen table, laying in bed watching TV. When asked why she doesn't play with Daniel - she says "He bosses me around too much." Ah well, he's 14. Teasing little children is a passion of teenage boys. She actually holds her own quite well with him.

This is the last week we will have her for a whole week at a time..for a while, anyway. She starts preschool in Monte Vista after Labor Day, and the schedule changes so we will have Emma Thursday night thru Sunday. It will be nice to have her every Friday night and every Saturday, there's always fun things popping up in Denver that we want to take her to. Plus we can do stuff at night since she can stay up later. When she's here for the week, the evenings are pretty shot and it doesn't really feel too special. By the time I get home from work and get dinner done, it's nearly bath and bed time. She's in bed by the majority of our R&R time is when she's in bed anyway. Im looking forward to the change. I think we'll get to do more fun stuff than we have in the past even.

So Daniel owes me some money, and his penance is to help me in my bedroom today. Boxes that go here and there, and clothes that need to be hung up are the order of the day. It's already hot tho..that sucks. I'm so ready for fall. I don't work well when it's warm.


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