Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


It's Emma day, that's fun in a bun.

Some guy came over to look at my Corsica that I've got up for sale. We all laughed when he started it up and it sounded like a bus. Mark got really mad at Daniel for saying "good luck starting it.." lol.

Daniel is seeing Emily again tonight. They are going to the football game at school. Her parents are picking him up in about half an hour, so I'll get to see what she looks like and meet the folks.

Katie is at the dentist, and he just called to say he found an old filling in her back tooth that has "failed" and that she will need a crown there too. Ka-ching! Emma goes to the dentist in the morning, hers will be substantially less expensive, I'm sure.

Off to do dinner. 50 minutes to VIVOR.


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