Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


"Yes yute, see a nice ting fe you deh...."

I've just found this absolutely fun blog. "The Dr. Is In." Delve into the daily doings and craziness that make up the life of a Jamaican Dermatologist.

And speaking of "let me spy on you while you're at work"..I am loving deadmousedotnet. He is a 911 dispatcher (like my friend Tom) and he relates so many funny stories from his job. Whenever I'm brave enough I try to get Tom to tell me stories like this, but he's always "blah blah, it's not interesting" and yet I find it fascinating. I love to hear recounts and anecdotes of real people at their worst. I can watch Cops, and World's Worst (insert something here) all day long. Ditto with any r/l medical show. Paramedics, Trauma (Oh, I love that show).

Does that explain any of my obsessions with Survivor, The Amazing Race, Big Brother, Anna Nicole and the Osbournes? I eat that shit up. I was never an addictive TV viewer. In the past I watched it whenever there was nothing else to do, with the exception of St. Elsewhere LA Law, and Seinfeld.

But now, good god. Someone will ask me to go somewhere on a certain day, and I have to think what TV night that is. Some shows are "tapeable" and some are not. Fear Factor..can tape that, Survivor..cannot. That's why I am helping at my sister's Book Fair tomorrow, and not Thursday.

Reality Blogs and Reality TV. Im hooked.


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