Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Same guy, different ignorance. btw, Art - you know this guy.

MJM: Oh, she's a great girl, just bigger than I really like em. She's 5.5 and weighs 135. She's a bit flabby all around.
MJM: And her legs are all bruised up. Kind of a turnoff.
MJM: But as long as she knows I'm not looking for a relationship we'll be fine.
Danelle: why are her legs bruised up?
MJM: she's clumsy. She's walking into stuff all the time when she's around me and I guess she's the same at work.
MJM: The flab is a turn off though, her legs are heavy, flabby, and bruised. Her chest is small and saggy too. She does have a pretty face though.
Danelle: Well, I have a news flash for you, I weigh more than 135. And I think you're being extremely shallow.
MJM: I know what I like. Right now though I just need the head.

Now before you scream "Why are you talking to this guy?!" He is only 20 years old, so that accounts for *some* ignorance. And he is part of a "group" that I belong to, so I kind of have to be more tolerant than I normally would be, or there will be ripples among the group. Hard to explain.

His ignorance is entertaining, you have to admit.


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