Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Hectic day, it seems.

Katie called from school and wanted to go to Target, so i had to get up and get my butt in gear. We went there, and then to arc. Great fun. Katie is fun to shop with, as I've said before. We laughed a lot and bought lots of junk you buy at Target but don't really need.

Came home and had to rush to the post office before Katie had to take the car to work. Mark is sick, so he's out of commission book-work-wise. Since then I've cleaned the kitchen and cleaned off my desk here up in the bedroom. no small feat, let me tell you. But it had gotten so bad, I ddin't have anywhere to even put a cup of coffee. there's so many things around the house that just dont have a "place" ...know what I mean? I hate the kind of stuff.

I'm off to plant myself in front of the 27" for Fear Factor and Joe Millionaire. Fun in a whole-wheat bun.


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