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Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Well, ya just never know, do you. We picked up a $100 book on Rolex watches on Monday, and a SIGNED Arthur C. Clarke book. We're pretty good book pickers, eh?

We usually never know what the heck we have till we get home. We pick the books ourselves when it's $2 a bag day of course, but it takes a long time to go through all Salvation Army's books, and 6 or 7 bags will take us a good 2 hours. So mostly we are picking decent looking books, discarding what we know we have trouble selling, or that there is a glut in the market of. The last few bags of books we've listed had several 20, 30 or even 40 dollar books in them. And expensive textbooks are selling like MAD right now. I love finding these gems in the rubble.

Mark and I were beginning to wonder if the grannies (landladies) had forgotten to cash our rent check this month. When we moved in in July, we gave them 12 checks, one for each month..for them to cash on the first of each month. We just didn't want to be bothered with making sure a check got to them every month. We pay absolutely everything else electronically, so remembering to write a check each month was more than we could handle, I guess. lol. Anyway, so here it was the 15th of January and they hadn't cashed the check yet. We were contemplating how long we would actually wait before considering the money ours again, if at all. Would we call them and remind them to cash our check? Should we just count it up to their negligence and go on vacation? Well, we needn't wonder. It cashed today. *sigh.

I'm wishing today:

I wasn't so tired.
My bedroom was clean.
Amanda would involve me in her wedding.
I would remember to call my dad.
My hair was clean.
I weighed 30 pounds less, at least.

That's all. Can I have all that by bedtime, please?


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