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Happy Birthday Amanda!!!!

Amanda is 22 years old today. I can't believe it! I won't! I'm NOT that old!

We watched Vivor late last night, because of school. If you're a Survivor fan, were you on the edge of your damn seat?

Morgan needed to win sooo badly. Their spirits are totally crushed, they are weak and seem to have lost all hope. Up till now I had been rooting whole-heartedly for Drake, but I've switched camps. First of all, I have a big crush on Andrew. I love to listen to him talk, and he really seems to be the rock holding Morgan together. And seeing him walk around with just his suit jacket on and no shirt is so damn sexy. Raarrr!

Peachy had to twist the knife a little at tribal council. "You guys are the losingest team ever on Survivor." Then Lil was voted out, and now we are thankfully Scoutmaster free. Was she getting pitiful or what? If they lose again they have to vote off Dara - her accent is giving me nightmares. Twang twang, doh doh, golleee.

I love the aspect of the reward winning team getting to go over and steal from the losing team. I just wish Morgan would win something for once. Looks like next week Drake wants to throw the competition. One member said "Yea, it's nice winning all the time, but we want to get rid of some people.." Getting Rupert to not win a competition could be really difficult tho, that man is possessed.

ANYway. It's blissday, dontcha know? But no lazing around for me. I have got to get caught up on laundry, and (gasp!) we are out of coffee creamer.


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